Quieres ser mi Novia
Song title
"¿Quieres ser mi Novia?"
"Would you be my Girlfriend?"
Original Upload Date
Bruno and Clara
CYO Style (music, lyrics)
Mydri (illust)
YouTube Broadcast


Singer Color
Clara Red
Bruno Light Blue
Spanish English
¿Que está pasando? What is happening?
Me eh enamorado, nunca de ti lo pensé y ahora eres de quién me enamoré. I've fell in love, I've never though it about you and now you are who I fell in love with
Seremos tu y yo, yo siempre estaré para ti, mi amor. It'll be you and me,I'll always stay for you, my love.

Si me aceptas te doy todo mi corazón. If you accept me I'll give you all my heart
Me haz hechizado todo de pies a cabeza sin ninguna sola razón. You've enchanted all of me from my feet to my head without any single reason.

Tengo miedo que con otra te vayas, lo haz hecho varias veces antes debo saber si en verdad tu me amas. I fear you'll go with other, you've done it some times, before I should know if you really love me.

Fui estúpido y te comprendo, cuenta no me di que lo que buscaba lo encontraría en ti y el tiempo pasó sigo queriendote ahora quiero amarte. I was stupid and I understand you, I dindn't realize that what I was looking for was in you and time passed I continue loving you. now I want to love you.

¿Cómo saber que lo que me dices es verdad? How to know that you tell me is true?
Demuestrame dimelo con toda tu sinceridad. Ah Ah Show me, say it with all your sincerity

Dime cómo, un te amo, cualquiera puede disimular, el sentirlo es lo que cuesta trabajo encontrar. Ah Ah Tell me how, an ordinary I Iove you can disguise, the feel is what is hard to find. Ah Ah

Mírame a los ojos y tomame fuerte de la manos. Look me in the eyes and take my hands tighly
¿Que harás? Dimelo!! What will you do? Tell me!!
Yo te quiero preguntar, tu rechazo enfrentar. I want to ask, face your rejection

English Translation by FireSpirit01

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