Song title
Original Upload Date
Megurine Luka
SoundCloud Broadcast(deleted)


Deep in the woods,
She wear her red hood.
She has a basket,
Its all full of snacks!

The sounds The feeling,
She might be lost, its chilling..
She's slowly walking
Deep into the woods

Is that a growl?
Is that a howl?

She ran away in fear
everything is so unclear
"I don't understand, I don't like this!"

She find a nearby tree
And then kneel on her knees.

"Here he comes..."

Quietly Whispered
"Oh, what do I do?"
Oh she saw an axe,
Stuck onto the tree

She has swung her axe!
Happily killing the creature
"Oh all of this blood
I must clean myself."

Oh what a joy
Oh what a mess

"All this blood, it brings me joy"
She has arrived at her grandmas
"I have brought you snacks, I hope you like it!"

Ma has opened the basket..
Oh she screamed in fear!
"What have you done?"

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