Song title
Romaji: Umitagari
English: Disillusioned
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
MARETU (music, lyrics)
840,000+ (NN), 980,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


Japanese Romaji English
隠れて kakurete Furtively,
見つめて mitsumete I gaze at you.
繋げて tsunagete Trying to connect.
射止めた? itometa? Have I won you over?
(極めて控えめ) (kiwamete hikaeme) (Gotta be extremely inconspicuous.)
気づいて kidzuite Please notice.
気づいて kidzuite Please do.

足りないものばっかりずっと増えてくの tarinai mono bakkari zutto fueteku no Everything keeps falling a little short;
ほんのりつらいな。 honnori tsurai na. it’s just a tiny bit unbearable.
そのたびごと 「情けない」 じゃ済まされない、 sono tabi goto "nasakenai" ja sumasare nai, I can’t chalk it off with a simple: “Oh, woe is me” whenever I feel that way.
(もっと大袈裟に痛がろう…!) (motto oogesa ni ita garou...!) (Come on, make a bigger deal out of your pain…!)

その場凌ぎではだめなのに sono ba shinogi dewa dame nano ni I know it won’t do to rely on this kind of stopgap measure,
止まらぬ衝動をうずかせて tomaranu shoudou wo uzukasete but I keep letting my uncontrollable urge get the better of me.
また地獄の連鎖に知らん顔 mata jigoku no rensa ni shirankao Thus I turn a blind eye to this chain of hell after hell,
ほんとの続きを考えないように… honto no tsuzuki wo kangae nai youni... trying not to think about what shall invariably come…

見初めて misomete One look was all it took.
あわせて awasete In all aspects,
見惚れて でれでれ mitorete deredere I was completely taken in, constantly mooning over you.
いままで ima made I’m so sorry
弱くて yowakute for being so faint-hearted
ごめんね gomenne all this time.
ne Really sorry.

今になって、首をぎゅっと絞めてくる ima ni natte, kubi o gyutto shimete kuru It is only now that those tender memories
優しい思い出 yasashii omoide are starting to wring my neck so painfully.
昇っただけ沈むは、お約束 nobotta dake shizumu wa, oyakusoku What goes up must come down—that’s our lot in life.
(待って。そういうの怖すぎる…!) (matte. souyuu no kowa sugiru...!) (Hold on. That’d be too scary…!)

あなたと一緒に笑い合う anata to issho ni waraiau As I lovingly nurture this vision of a future like a fairy tale,
おとぎの明日を可愛がる、 o togi no ashita wo kawaigaru, with you and me, smiling together,
白々しく飛び交う痛み分け shirajirashiku tobikau itamiwake I must keep going these hurtful arguments that always end in a draw,
ほんとの終わりを長引かせるために、 honto no owari wo nagabikaseru tame ni, just so I can delay the true end a little more.

いつまで itsu made How much longer
前を向いて もたもた進んでくわけだ…? mae wo muite motamota susun deku wake da...? am I going to trudge my way onward…?
いつまで itsu made How much longer
格好付けて「ラブ」とかいうものを捏ねる kakkou tsukete "rabu" tokayuu mono wo koneru am I going to keep up this pretense, trying to beg for this “love” thing or whatever?

その場凌ぎではだめなのに、 sono ba shinogi dewa dame nano ni, I know it won’t do to rely on this kind of stopgap measure,
怪しいレールを信じ込む ayashii reeru wo shinjikomu yet I still place all my trust in such an uncertain track.
物々しく でしゃばる物思い monomonoshiku deshabaru monoomoi I’m plunged into these overly intrusive bouts of reverie,
繋げておきたい首の皮 tsunagete okitai kubi no kawa though I just want to keep one last sliver of hope.

あたまがしびれて熱くなる atama ga shibirete atsuku naru My mind is growing feverish, as if intoxicated.
「あなたの電波に溶かされたい!」 "anata no denpa ni tokasaretai!" “I want to become a part of you!”
たどたどしい足取り 帰リ道、 tadotadoshii ashidori kaeri michi On the way back home, I dragged my heavy legs
あなたの優しさが嬉しかったんだ!! anata no yasashi sa ga ureshikattan da!! as I thought about how happy I was at your tenderness!!

嬉しかったんだ。 ureshikattan da. How happy I was.

つくって tsukutte We made it together.
あそんだ asonda We fooled around.
思い出 omoide But now those memories
塞いで fusaide must be repressed.
どうして doushite Why was it
生まれた? umareta? ever born?
それはね… sore wa ne… That’s because I wanna—

English Translation by Hazuki no Yume

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