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Ant Observation
Song title
Romaji: Ari no Kansatsu
English: Ant Observation
Original Upload Date
Kagamine Rin
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint)


Japanese Romaji English
今日(きょう)はアリの観察(かんさつ)しよう Kyou wa ari no kansatsu shiyou Let's observe the ants today
はたらきアリ へいたいアリ Hataraki ari e itai ari Worker ants and soldier ants
いっしょうけんめい うごいている Isshou kenmei ugoite iru Their life is a toil, yet they do their best
わたしもがんばって生(い)きなきゃな Watashi mo ganbatte nama kinakya na So I will do the same in my life

ある日(ひ) あるとき 男(おとこ)の子(こ)が Aruhi aru toki otoko no ko ga One day a little boy came
やってきて アリをつぶして ころした Yattekite ari o tsubushite koroshita And crushed the ants to death
その夜(よ) その男(おとこ)の子(こ)は Sono yoru sono otoko no ko wa That same night, the little boy
原因不明(げんいんふめい)で死(し)にました Genin fumei de shi nimashita Died mysteriously

蟻が 蟻が 蠢き 叢り Ari ga ari ga ugomeki kusamurari The ants, the ants gather and swarm
其の魂を喰らうでしょう Sono tamashī o kuraudeshou And they devour the boy's soul
其の血を 肉を 吸い 千切り Sono chi o niku o sui sengiri They shred his meat, suck his blood
奥の奥 記憶迄 貪るでしょう Oku no oku kioku made musaborudeshou And seek his deepest memories

今日(きょう)もアリの観察(かんさつ)しよう Kyou mo ari no kansatsu shiyou Let's observe the ants again today
ママがよんでる おやつのじかん Mama ga yon deru o yatsu noji ka n Mama is calling me, it's snack time
いかなきゃ たちあがり あるきだした Ikanakya tachiagari aruki dashita I stood up and started walking
あれごめん アリさん ふんじゃった Are gomen Ari-san fun jatta Oh! Sorry, Mr. Ant, I stepped on you by mistake

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