Song title
Romaji: Pairokineshisu
English: Pyrokinesis
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
SaiB (music)
omiso (illustration)
130,000+ (NN), 1,700+ (PP), 31,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / piapro Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast
YouTube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)


Japanese Romaji English
ミライそうして mirai sou shite Thereby, in the world to come,
彼は九時頃逝った kare wa kuji goro itta he departed at around 9 o’clock,
沙羅双樹 sara souju under the sal trees.
僕は彼を見つめてた boku wa kare o mitsumeteta I was watching him.

現にそうして gen ni sou shite Indeed, thereby,
彼は四時頃言った kare wa yonji goro itta he said it, at around 4 o’clock.
撫ぜる度 nazeru tabi Each caress comes
淫らに吐息を吐く midara ni toiki o haku with the suggestive sound of a sigh.
彼の kare no It’s a
赤茶けた脳が akachaketa nou ga Lied performed by his
奏でるリート kanaderu riito discolored brain.

生まれる熱は umareru netsu wa The heat generated
世界を溶かす sekai o tokasu is melting down the world.
パイロキネシス pairokineshisu Pyrokinesis.
遠い雨雲達はそして tooi amagumo tachi wa soshite Thus the distant rain clouds
間色(まいろ)にて死す mairo nite shisu will perish with a mixed color.

貝にもなれず kai ni mo narezu Unable to become a shell,
僕は廃にもなれぬ boku wa hai ni mo narenu I can’t so much as become an object discarded.
背もたれる se motareru As he reclines in his seat,
彼の頬を伝う雨 kare no hoho o tsutau ame the rain trickles down his cheeks.

雨にもまれる ame ni momareru Tossed about in the rain,
僕は boku wa I cannot
雨にはなれぬ ame ni wa narenu become the rain.
アマオトは云わば amaoto wa iwaba The sound of the rain, so to speak,
熱を帯びた路線を走る netsu o obita rosen o hashiru is the life pulse of a camel cricket
竃馬の生の鼓動 kamadouma no sei no kodou scrambling along a heated line.

愛さえも ai sae mo This overheating
無力と化すこの熱暴走 muryoku to kasu kono netsu bousou is rendering impotent even such a thing as love.
花は色落ちて hana wa iro ochite And thus the flowers lose their colors,
消えゆくはラヴェルの調べ kie yuku wa Raveru no shirabe and dying out is a melody by Ravel.

消えゆく彼は kie yuku kare wa Fading away,
己を燃やすパイロキネシス onore o moyasu pairokineshisu he’s setting himself afire— pyrokinesis,
遠い雨雲達と tooi amagumo tachi to entwining fingers
指絡ませ yubi karamase with the distant rain clouds.
花は咲く hana wa saku The flowers will bloom.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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