Your Dream and Me
Song title
Romaji: Kimi no Yume to Boku
English: Your Dream and Me
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Okame-P (music, lyrics)
Ruuya (illust)
2,900+ (NN), 2,500+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)


Japanese Romaji English
夜が更けて yo ga fukete As the night advances
いつも眠りにつく itsumo nemuri ni tsuku and you fall into your usual sleep,
君の夢は理想の海に kimi no yume wa risou no umi ni your dream would never spread its wings
広がることなく hirogaru koto naku in the sea of ideals.

「邪魔しないで」と "jama shinai de" to “Don’t stand in my way,” you said,
溢れ出る音は afurederu ne wa but that outpouring of sounds
ただ消えてゆくよ tada kiete yuku yo is simply fading into silence.

照らしだす血路 terashidasu ketsuro I’m still forever searching
いつも今日も探してる itsumo kyou mo sagashiteru for an illuminated way out.
此処にある確かな koko ni aru tashika na The certain memories I have with me here
記憶は君を見つけたいと kioku wa kimi o mitsuketai to tell me they want to find you.

過去を憎みいまある意味に kako o nikumi ima aru imi ni We’re simply scorning the past,
縋り付くだけで sugaritsuku dake de while clinging on to whatever meaning there is in the present,
君と僕は報われること kimi to boku wa mukuwareru koto and we’re drifting along,
ないまま漂う nai mama tadayou never going to have what we want in the end.

奇跡を信じて kiseki o shinjite What are we seeking in each other,
何を求めあう? nani o motomeau? as we try to believe in a miracle?
重なるよ kasanaru yo It’s all overlapping.
アボイドの様 aboido no you Like an avoidance.

夜が更けて yo ga fukete As the night advances
いつも眠りにつく itsumo nemuri ni tsuku and we fall into our usual sleep,
君と僕は光と闇で kimi to boku wa hikari to yami de you are the light, and I the darkness—
交わることなく majiwaru koto naku the two of us never occupying the same space.

僕が描く穢れた音で boku ga egaku kegareta oto de I’m tormenting you
君を傷つける kimi o kizutsukeru with the tainted notes I envision,
君の夢は理想の海に kimi no yume wa risou no umi ni while your dream is falling into the sea of ideals,
広がる言葉は hirogaru kotoba wa and the words spreading out…

伝わらない零れでる音は tsutawaranai koborederu ne wa The sounds spilling out before they’re heard
ただ消えてゆくから tada kiete yuku kara are simply fading into silence.
照らしだす血路は terashidasu ketsuro wa Thus the illuminated way out I sought
それは終らない僕の夢 sore wa owaranai boku no yume is naught but my endless dream.

English Translation by Hazuki no Yume

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