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Fear Garden
Song title
Romaji: Kyoufu Gaaden
English: Fear Garden
Original Upload Date
Kagamine Rin
Chaa (music, lyrics)
Various illustrators from piapro
218,000+ (NN), 21,000+ (PP)
Niconico Broadcast / piapro Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint)


Japanese Romaji English
ひとつ、ふたつ、みっつ、よっつ、いつつ Hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu, yottsu, itsutsu One, two, three, four, five,
むっつ、ななつ、とお! Muttsu, nanatsu, too! six, seven, ten!

右から生えてる腕を引っこ抜いて Migi kara haeteru ude wo hikkonuite I uproot the arms budding from the right,
植木鉢に突き刺してみるね Uekibachi ni tsukisashite miru ne And try stabbing them into flower pots, y'know.
人差し指と中指を絡め Hitosashiyubi to nakayubi wo karame Entwining the index fingers with the middle fingers,
素敵素敵な花の完成 Suteki suteki na hana no kansei It's the great, great completion of a flower.

お庭には綺麗なオテテが沢山咲いてて Oniwa ni wa kirei na OTETE ga takusan saitete In my garden lots of pretty HANDSIES are blooming,
一つも同じものは無いでしょ Hitotsu mo onaji mono wa nai desho And I think not a single one is the same as another.

恐怖ガーデン *loop Kyoufu GAADEN Fear garden
だって逃げてかないで>< Datte nigete kanai de >< But don't run away. ><

誰にもいえない秘密の花園 Dare ni mo ienai himitsu no hanazono My secret garden that I can't speak of to anyone.
打ち明けられない秘密の花園 Uchiakerarenai himitsu no hanazono My secret garden that I can't confess of.

あ゛ぁぁぁぁぁぁ・・・・ A"aaaaaa.... A"aaaaaa....

とても綺麗なのよ指が5本、たまには4本 Totemo kirei na no yo yubi ga go-hon, tama ni wa yon-hon Although five fingers are very pretty, occasionally there'll be four
お目目をほじくって見てごらん Omeme wo hojikutte mite goran Open up your eyesies and take a look.

嘘よ嘘全部嘘なの Uso yo uso zenbu uso na no Lies, it's lies, it's all lies.

たぶんね・・・フフフ Tabun ne... FUFUFU Probably, heh-heh.

English translation by BerrySubs

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