Song title
Romaji: Moudoku ga Osou
English: Deathly Loneliness Attacks[1]
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Hihumi (music, lyrics)
Kyuufu (illust)
Juumi (guitar)
350,000+ (NN), 32,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast
YouTube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)


Japanese Romaji English
適当に生きても息は続く tekitou ni ikite mo iki wa tsuzuku You’ll breathe on, even if you just live just doing whatever works
誰かに寄り掛かり生きている dareka ni yorikakari ikite iru Living depending on someone else;
支えが消えても息が続く sasae ga kiete mo iki ga tsuzuku Even if your support disappears, you’ll continue to breathe
次の拠り所に身を寄せる tsugi no yoridokoro ni mi o yoseru Becoming dependent on the the next thing

使い捨てじみた繋がりとか tsukaisute jimita tsunagari to ka My throwaway connections,
その場限りの関係だとか sono ba kagiri no kankei da to ka And relationships that only exist at the right time and the right place[2]
何かが違うと嘆いてみて nanika ga chigau to nageitemite Even if I try to lament, saying "something’s not quite right",
何も分からずにいるんだって nani mo wakarazu ni irun datte I remain understanding nothing {apparently}

誰が何と言ったって dare ga nani to ittatte Whatever anyone might say
僕はずっとこんなんで boku wa zutto konnan de I’ll always be like this
切れた縁の端に kireta enishi no haji ni I cast down my eyes
目を伏せたの me o fuseta no Beside all of my severed bonds

寂しがって泣いたって sabishigatte naitatte {Apparently} even if I’m so lonely I cry
誰も知らないんだって dare mo shiranain datte No one gives a damn
また 猛独が襲う mata moudoku ga osou And yet again, deathly loneliness attacks

誰かの気持ちを無碍にしては dareka no kimochi o muge ni shite wa For every person whose feelings I treat with disdain
誰かに縋りながら生きている dareka ni sugari nagara ikite iru I live relying on an another.
その度とぐろを巻く罰がさ sono tabi toguro o maku batsu ga sa The punishment for curling up all those times[3]
胸を締め付けて牙を立てる mune o shimetsukete kiba o tateru Tightens around my chest and digs in its fangs 

気が付かぬ間に「独」が回る kigatsukanu ma ni "doku" ga mawaru Before I even realised “loneliness”[4] began to turn,
心だけ気づいて寂しがる kokoro dake kizuite samishigaru My heart alone notices and yearns for another[5]
痺れるような苦しみの中で shibireru you na kurushimi no naka de Amidst the pin and needle-like pain, 
「一人」の無力に沈んだんだ "hitori" no muryoku ni shizundan da I sunk in the powerlessness of “being alone”

誰に何と言ったって dare ni nani to ittatte {apparently} whatever I say to someone
もう戻れないんだって mou modorenain datte There’s no turning back.
「面倒だ」なんて "mendou da" nante Even from the things I relinquished
手放したことさえ tebanashita koto sae With a “what a pain”

たとえ何度泣いたって tatoe nando naitatte {Apparently} however many times I cry
届きはしないんだって todoki wa shinain datte It’s not going to reach (anyone)
心にヒビが走る kokoro ni hibi ga hashiru Cracks run their way through my heart.

壊れぬように kowarenu you ni So it wouldn’t break
壊さぬように kowasanu you ni So I wouldn’t break it
未熟な手で守ってたのにね mijukuna te de mamotteta noni ne Even though with my inexperienced hands, I so tried to protect it

些細な感情で sasaina kanjou de I ended up straining myself
力んじゃったりして rikinjattari shite and crushing {it}
握りつぶしていたんだろう nigiritsubushite itan darou over the most trivial of emotions, didn’t I...

膝を抱いて泣いたって hiza o daite naitatte {Apparently}, even if I hug my knees and cry
変わりはしないんだって kawari wa shinain datte There will be no change.
静かな部屋に響く shizukana heya ni hibiku not even to my sobs
嗚咽さえも oetsu sae mo That echo in this quiet room

夜が飲み込んだって yoru ga nomikonda tte Even if the night swallows it
月が照らしたって tsuki ga terashitatte Even if the moon shines down upon it
消えない 消えない kienai kienai It won’t disappear, it doesn’t disappear
消えない 事実だけ見て kienai jijitsu dake mite only looking at the truth, that won’t disappear

癒えない 言えない ienai ienai It won’t heal, I can’t say it
隠していた声を 僕を kakushite ita koe o boku o Against the voice I hid, against me 

猛独が襲う moudoku ga osou deathly loneliness attacks

English translation by ForgetfulSubs


  1. 猛独 / Moudoku / Deathly loneliness is a play on 猛毒 / moudoku / deathly poison, where the kanji meaning “poison” (毒) has been replaced with the kanji for “single/alone” (独) it might more specifically be a play on 孤独 (kodoku) which straight up means “loneliness”
  2. this was essentially just "relationships limited to that place" but I didn't feel it expressed exactly what was going on so I expanded on it a little
  3. I think this is a metaphor about snakes (that is, curling/coiling up then constricting and biting)
  4. 独 = kanji that means ‘single/alone’ and is used in one of the words for loneliness.
  5. 寂しがる = ‘to feel lonely’ are obviously different words in japanese but the same in english... so I used “yearns for another” to differentiate between the two and better elaborate on the paticular “missing something” meaning 寂しがる has.

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