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Kagamine Len
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)


Japanese Romaji English
もしもこの世界が明日消え失せても Moshimo kono sekai ga ashita kieusete mo Even if this world ends up disappearing tomorrow,
この歌は止まない Kono uta wa yamanai I wouldn’t stop singing my song,
あの空へ放ち続ける Ano sora e hanachi tsuzukeru and continue to fire it up to the sky

僕ラノ世界 Bokura no sekai Our world
僕ラノ希望 Bokura no kibou Our hopes
僕ラノ未来 Bokura no mirai Our future
僕ラノ奇跡 Bokura no kiseki Our miracle
僕ラノ大地 Bokura no daichi Our Earth
僕ラノ想い Bokura no omoi Our thoughts

全てを乗せこの惑星は回り続ける Subete o nose kono hoshi wa mawari tsuzukeru Because of all of these things, they continue to make the stars sparkle
キミに心があるなら何を想うの? Kimi ni kokoro ga aru nara nani o omou no? If your heart could have feelings about these things, what do you think it would feel?

不思議というのなら僕らも同じこと Fushigi to iu no nara bokura mo onaji koto If you were to call it “strange”, then we’re thinking the same thing
全てのモノゴトは曖昧のカタマリ Subete no monogoto wa aimai no katamari Anything and everything all seems unclear and fuzzy, and blends together.

僕らの世界(the World) Bokura no sekai Our world (the World)
僕らの野望(ambition) Bokura no yabou Our ambition (ambition)
僕らの歴史(history) Bokura no rekishi (history) Our history (history)
僕らの軌跡(track) Bokura no kiseki (track) Our track (track)
僕らの太陽(the sun) Bokura no taiyou (the sun) Our sun (the sun)
僕らの願い(desire) Bokura no negai (desire) Our desire (desire)

幾重に重なる物語 指し示すのは… Ikue ni kasanaru sutori sashishimesu no wa... Until the repeated stories start to overlap each other…
妄想の果てにある脆弱な光 Mousou no hate ni aru zeijaku na hikari These delusions will not come to an end, along with the vulnerable “light”,

もしもこの世界が明日消え失せても Moshimo kono sekai ga ashita kieusete mo Even if this world ends up disappearing tomorrow,
五分後の未来へ止むことのない旋律 Gofun go no mirai e yamu koto no nai merodi The “five minutes to tomorrow” cannot stop the melody
やがて途絶える道は希望へ繋がるだろう Yagate todaeru michi wa kibou e tsunagaru darou Sooner or later, the path to hopes will come to a stop,
この歌の終わりは次の歌の始まり Kono uta no owari wa tsugi no uta no hajimari And when this song ends, that will be the beginning of a new song.

English Translation by 2bricacity

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