01 ballad Miku
Song title
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Hirasawa Eiji
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint)
Crypton Broadcast


※These are the full lyrics to "Hoshi no Kakera". 01_ballade is verse five.

Japanese Romaji English
水面に揺れる木漏れ日の中 minamo ni yureru komorebi no naka As sunlight trickles through the tree leaves onto the lake surface,
ずっと考えていたの zutto kangaete ita no I have been thinking this whole time.
切ない気持ちあふれて setsunai kimochi afurete My painful feelings are swelling,
愛しさがみちる itooshisa ga michiru and my love for you is filling me up.

頬なでる柔らかな風が hoho o naderu yawarakana kaze ga The gentle wind, while caressing my cheeks,
そっと寄り添ってくれる sotto yorisotte kureru cuddles me up and comforts me.
思いを告げる勇気をあつめ omoi o tsugeru yuuki o atsume Garnering up the courage to confess my feelings to you,
空を見上げて言葉をつむいで sora o miagete kotoba o tsumuide I look up at the sky and begin weaving out a string of words.

アカネ色した雲のキャンバス akaneiro shita kumo no kyanbasu On the canvas made of red clouds,
絵筆で描く光のキセキ efude de egaku hikari no kiseki I sketch trails of light with my paintbrush.
心に秘めた思いを乗せて kokoro ni himeta omoi o nosete Letting my withheld feelings ride on the light,
伝えてほしい あなたへのメッセージ tsutaete hoshii anata e no messeeji I want this message for you to reach you.

虹の掛け橋 希望のみちを niji no kakehashi kibou no michi o I had a dream that I was walking
ならんで歩く夢を見ていた narande aruku yume o mite ita on a path of hope on a rainbow bridge.

空にカガヤく星のカケラ sora ni kagayaku hoshi no kakera I have gathered shards of the twinkly stars in the sky,
集めてつくるヒカリの指輪 atsumete tsukuru hikari no yubiwa crafted a ring of light,
永久(とわ)の約束 願いをこめて towa no yakusoku negai o komete and embedded in the ring a promise of eternity and my wish.
受け止めてほしい あなたへの気持ちを uketomete hoshii anata e no kimochi o I want you to accept my feelings towards you.

この想いを… kono omoi o... Please accept my feelings...
この想いを… kono omoi o... Please accept my feelings...

English translation by animeyay

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