AbreLostOjos Miku
Song title
"Abre los Ojos"
English: Open your eyes
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Ankari (music, lyrics)
Lluvia (illustrations)
1,800+ (NN), 320,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


Spanish Official English
Ya prefiero no pensar I'd rather not think anymore
En lo que parece ser que nunca fue real about things that apparently were never real.
No quedaba nada por decir y no te quise oír There was nothing left to say
Tengo lo que quiero, soy feliz and I didn't want to listen to you.

Ya no tengo que sentir I have what I wanted, I'm happy now.
Que al final de cuentas no servía para ti I no longer have to feel like I was useless to you.
Eso fue tú culpa por cambiar That was your fault for changing,
Por dejarme atrás for leaving me behind.
Pero en tu silencio But in your silence
Tengo paz I find peace.

Te quiero confesar que cuando vine aquí I need to confess that when I came here
Sabía que querías terminar y aún así I knew you wanted to end things and even so,
Negaba la razón de no tener tu corazón I couldn't accept why your heart did not belong to me.

Ya no voy a lamentar I will no longer regret
Lo que pasó, lo que estuvo mal what is already in the past, what went wrong.
Ya te puedo perdonar lo que me dolió I can now forgive you for hurting me
Cuando quisiste poner el final when you decided to put an end to this.

Tu corazón ya es mío en verdad Your heart truly belongs to me now.
Tu dolor, cuando lo tomé fue tan real The pain you felt when I took it was so real
Que sé que es amor that I know it's true love.

Y sé que vas a despertar, no vas a ver atrás And I know you will wake up and won't look back;
Por fin me vas a ver, me vas a oír, finally you'll look at me, you'll hear me,
Me vas a amar you'll love me.

Y me vas a decir lo que siempre quise oír And you'll say the words I always wanted to hear.
Abre los ojos ya... Now, open your eyes...
Besame ya... Kiss me already...
Mírame... Look at me...

Yo te esperaré... I will be waiting for you...

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