Song title
"Another Way Out"
Original Upload Date
Apr.9.2016 (album release date)
Middernachtt P
SoundCloud Broadcast (deleted)


I was deleted from all of their hearts but, I won't lose
My heart can't feel yet please show me how
In this cell, mirrorless faceless songs hurt mine
Yet I cannot breathe on my own
Without the flower's advice I cannot stand tall
Always overshadowed by you

It's heart breaks beyond reason consumed by impatient impulse
Cannot fly away it seems
Yet you think it's okay to kill her

I cannot wonder how you thought that saving me was worth while
Can you even understand that I cannot save you from the RED
Back here once again I had to say,
"Do not try to save me."
Now you're covered in red
He will not come since we're
Alone just us two

Stupidity seems to run in just your head all the time
Darkness hails over your foolish world, tearing apart all you friends
Running past your stupid hopes, crimson dreams take them away
For the sake of humanity, I will lay down my joy too

I couldn't cry out like you, screaming like a little child
May I walk beside you two
Always happy even in the dark!

My chest
Hurts so bad


I want to see your face, since it shines so bright despite my fate
Locked away, I lost the key to the true me from when I was whole
Please just get away from this me
The eye I can see from now can finally see
The reason why

I loved you

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