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Marvyanaka (music, lyrics)
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how could I be so kind and free?
above the emotion
what could I do to amuse you?
I feel like prisoner

I meant to be so kind and free
oh, that's unenforceable
follow the rules and be abused
only way to survive

what am I looking for?
is this true who I am?

sorry for being brave
and fighting hand in hand
for story I removed
eternal battle

sorry for my defeat
and my frozen heartbeat
for place that you belong
can I still be strong?

sorry for mighty words
which can break even swords
for being far too weak
I'm falling in grief

sorry for helplessness
leaving in distress
for you and for me now
I'll be punished

how could I see my darkest deep?
while you seem to know me
what could I be to please your need?
I serve in loveless land

who could release my frozen tears?
oh, I am here, abandoned
some selfish words are now my lords
I have nowhere to hide

listen to old legends
of foolish young master

sorry for being brave
and unstoppable rage
for this fake funeral
I want to forget

sorry for leaving hope
and turning myself cold
for throwing dreams away
liar is my name

sorry I wanted more
I even broke my law
where has my patience gone?
I cannot take this

sorry for helplessness
leaving in distress
I wish we could reborn
somewhere, someday

what am I looking for?
will I love you again?

sorry for being brave
living like cruel slave
for giving up in war
singing in sorrow

sorry for emotions
which never will be shown
for begging for escape
and running away

sorry for losing you
being blind for the truth
for loving emptiness
she is my mistress
sorry for helplessness
leaving in distress
for you and for me now
I'll be punished

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