Song title
Original Upload Date
DEX and YOHIOloid
RedScorpio4 (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast


You & I would like to mix up the colors
Making a great explosion of flavors
I think that loves can be multiple
Why don't we try sharing kisses with others?

Don't be afraid, babe,
I'm not gonna leave you
I just want you to feel free with me

Blue, red, yellow and green
Take the palette and have fun

Rainbows in our hearts
Color the world around us

Can't you see all the colors around you?
Would like you to splash them all on the wall?
Take my hand and let's do this together
Kiss me with that blue inside your mouth

Rainbows in our hearts
Color the world around us

Watching you having a good time like this
Fills me with a strange but pleasant feeling
Your rainbow art is a sunlight in my heart
My skin begins to be color stained for you

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