Song title
Original Upload Date
1,000+ (NN), 100+ (PP)
Niconico Broadcast / piapro broadcast


Japanese Romaji English
反響する轟音 刻むベース hankyou suru gouon kizamu beesu The bass line’s tapping out the roaring sounds, echoing loudly.
狂乱の宴 グラスをとれ kyouran no utage gurasu o tore Take the glass in your hand, in this feast of madness.
快楽の渦へ 沈みゆく kairaku no uzu e shizumi yuku I’m sinking into the vortex of pleasure,
感情に任せ 歌い出す kanjou ni makase utaidasu singing as I let my emotions take over.

高まる感覚 重なり合うこの音 takamaru kankaku kasanariau kono oto My sensations are swelling with these overlapping layers of sounds.
理性も忘れて さあ risei mo wasurete saa Come on, just forget all reasoning, and
踊れ odore dance.

振動するメーター振り切って shindou suru meetaa furikitte Letting the meter go all the way off the scale,
回路を繋げ 心臓へ kairo o tsunage shinzou e I’m connecting the circuits to find the way into the heart.
最凶の調 キメ込んで saikyou no shirabe kimekonde Deciding for myself that this must be the most lethal melody,
本能に任せ 動き出す honnou ni makase ugokidasu I’m moving my body as I let my instincts take over.

薄れる感覚 ココロ揺らすこの音 usureru kankaku kokoro yurasu kono oto My sensations are growing fainter with these sounds that make my heart tremble.
自分を忘れて さあ jibun o wasurete saa Come on, just forget yourself, and
狂え kurue get deranged.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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