Dummy Clock
Song title
"Dummy Clock"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
TawashiP (music, lyrics)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint)


Let me see... Maybe it was about end in last fall.
The your first public speech was "I will 'fall' in love".
I was a daughter brought up carefully, and I knew nothing about.
It took much time for me to understood it.

Who said that I was made by God, for the first time?
If it was true, surely he was half asleep... Oh, my God!

I'm like a dummy clock that cannot tick away, become disgusted with me.
For all that, my tick-tack wants to have me discovered anytime.
Don't you like a dummy clock? If possible, hang a sign of the "under repair".
Without you I cannot do anything, put up with my a little blunder.

Recently you are always ringing somebody.
Did you get tired of me? I feel lonely, lonely...
"I have a lesson that I can make friends with you, everyday".
That was very well put, do you think that I'm cheated?

In fact, I'm a good singer than you are thinking.
But I don't let you listen to my song, ...I don't lie!

I'm like a mean clock that on the roadside, so that I want to blubber.
But don't leave me like it, I have to grow up from present me.
Don't you like a mean clock? If possible, I want to take a crash course at once.
Because I had a dream yesterday that I was laughing with you.

If have my wishes realized, I want to sing a song once again.
I will include my feeling in "non-gimmick rock".

After all, I like a dummy clock, because it will be able to done by my thinking.
Step by step, my tick-tack beats faster and faster at that time.
Do you like a dummy clock? Anything are already unnecessary for me.
If I can sing that song very well... (Could you be together forever with me?)


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