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Lystrialle (music, lyrics)
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With the outlined orange above the grassy hill
and the flowers blooming all in a row
while the sound of voices from all around
fill the air from the people who come and who go --

She sits all alone, still amid all the cheer
feeling absence from someone out of her sight
She was satisfied, she was happier still,
but she'd lost her typical light

In the days of past she would never have given thought
to a time without ever seeing him in the day
So she waited patiently hoping for his return
Feeling somewhat empty in some kind of curious way

As the sun sets dimly atop the grassy hill
and the red-streaked sky collapses away --
while the dim-lit stars sparkle overhead
she continues to wait for the rest of the day

She sits all alone, watching everyone else
while a vacant feeling develops within
But before she stands up and tries to take leave
she sees someone stepping in

She could see him breathing with nervousness in his face
as she heard him singing to music in all the air
And she slowly realizes why he had vanished then
Because all for this was what he wanted to prepare

The hidden truth that he'd never told her
The one that never even crossed her mind
But there is no reason to hesitate
when the answer's easy to find

Even though she never had thought of it much before
There was only one way for it to have ever been
Because all the day, there was something she always knew --
That she never wanted to separate yet again

In the gleaming moonlight they dance with a hand in hand
With his presence keeping her company through the night
As the lamps around her continue to flicker on
All that they can see is them standing there in the light

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