Song title
Original Upload Date
Original: Apr.22.2016
Version B: Apr.23.2016
DEX, Fukase (chorus)
Dunder-P (music, lyrics)
Original: 100+
Version B: 100+
Original: YouTube Broadcast
Version B: YouTube Broadcast


Mas-ter told me
Not to wor ry
Mas-ter told me
that I was safe
Fil-ling my eyes
with a red tint

Master told me
For insurance
I was told to
Sell the young boy

So i followed
Master's orders
I was told to
burn down a farm
and i again
followed orders

Days go by
and I want to scream
Can this torture
end please for me

twelve more orders
and you'll be free
That's the last thing
master told me

Can we just
say that was
order twelve
I just can't
Believe that
I killed him

Can I just
Go away
And sleep now
That's just a pipe dream though
Can you just
knife me and
kill me now

I've just been
sitting here
for fifteen years
The clock broke
and then died
years ago

You don't really care though
Give the news
something to
talk about
so i had
to kill a
young child

oh my god
why i cry
is so clear
Yet master makes me stay
Make a girl
suffer for
thousand years

Now she must
Sit through all
of my tasks
Why she cries
why she cries
makes me die

only on the in-side
Master told me
Four more tasks dear
I am crying
can I go free

Master told me
three more tasks love
Do you hate me
Please just free me

Master told me
two more tasks mate
Can you shut up
and let me breathe
Master told me
not with that tune
five more tasks now

learn your lesson
Slave boy came back
with a sniper
Master told me
one last task dear

Master told me
don't move at all

Slave boy's coming
Slave boy's coming
Master told me
Obey orders
Master told me
Just trust me love

Oh i'm crying
I am scared now
master told me
master told me

Master left me
Slave boy's coming
With a sniper
aimed at my head
Master told me
not to worry

I hope he's right
I hope he's right
Slave boy's nearing
One more corner
I'm not alone
in my body

Slave boy's here now
He's just shot me
I should be dead
Yet I am not

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