Even if I'm Imaginary
Song title
"Even if I'm Imaginary"
Original Upload Date
Megurine Luka
YouTube Broadcast


Ever since I was a little kid
I wanted to make music
That would make everybody get up
And dance their cares away
The kind of song that keeps on playing
In your head and in your heart
The beat reverberating in your chest
Infectiously addicting

But I don't know where to start
Don't know where to begin
I try to think and come up empty handed
They tell me save my breath
It's just a waste of time
I'll prove to you that I'm not empty headed

All I have to do is try
Try and trust and to believe
Believe in myself
Believe in myself

Even if I have no ears
Even if I have no voice
Even I if I'm just imaginary
Wanna make something
Even if I have no eyes
Even if I have no face
Even I if I'm just imaginary

Wanna make something real

Wanna make something real

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