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Megurine Luka
Makoto (music, lyrics)
Niconico Broadcast


Rainy day, silence cries
We are standing with lamentation
Flowing tears are falling into the ground
Only drops sing just like a sounds of clap

Good-bye to you
Neverending sorrow is coming inside
Let me forget
Even though I can’t stand up from here forever

Story is done
There’s nothing to move me to go on with myself
But I believe
In the promise to stay with me eternally

Years ago, I killed a man
In the last night of cold winter days
Only moon heard the scream of him
Red blood turned my life into the black

Longing for you
Before I fell in love with you were so kind man
Calling my name
Anytime you made me free from fear forever

Only for you
Many kisses took me to the place never knew
Show me your love
I’ll send all my life for you
And please give me your heart

Murderer is still at large
No one finds me living in this world
Raining hard as if it covers my shade
Everlasting guilt is torturing me

Can you hear me?
I’m just calling your name again and again
Look back at me
Giving your smile only for me forever

Please don’t leave me
I can not live without you, never want to be alone
But still you go
Unforgiving your heart is striking me
Down to the ground

Sorry, I’m sorry for you
Go sacred pathway

Feel me? Can you feel me inside?
Cold, so cold
Why don’t you hold me so tight?

I woke up in the midnight
Is it a dream?
I feel the breath up
Someone is behind me
She just calls my name with her sweet voice

“You are all mine
I never want to lose you
Give me your heart
Don’t be afraid
I’ll take you to heaven
Come on, together with me”

You made me feel so crazy
I always think of you and I wish
You must belong with me
Now, it’s the time to save our soul from

“No, you are wrong
I just only tell you, there is no meaning
Get out of here
No heaven for you
Do forget me
Find another way”

Standing still in the starlight, moonlight
Can’t let go, can’t let go
Lonely feeling kills my mind

My hands dyed with the red blood, your blood
Kill me, so kill me
As I did it all for you

Only darkness saves me from myself
Stumbling, falling
Never want to wake more

Here I am with lamentation
Flowing tears did dry up from my heart
Once again, touch my face
And See your smile, I want to tell you

Good-bye myself
End is coming close to me, catch my hand
Sorry for you
There’s nothing for you but my heartbeat

Killing myself with the bloody hands
Now it’s still in frozen time
Blue sky is high, far away from the gates of the Eden

Lay me down into the deep, so deep
Take my soul away from here

Close my eyes to find myself beside you
In my dream, we will be forever

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