Song title
Original Upload Date
Finnish version: Jun.26.2016
Kagamine Rin
200+ (YT), 100+ (NN)
Finnish version: 100+
YouTube Broadcast / Niconico Broadcast
Finnish version: SoundCloud Broadcast


again, i did it again
i fucked up again
everyone's leaving
why is this happening?

what did i do?
how could i have angered you?
i fucked up again.
i'm so GUILTY.

can't escape the REALITY anymore.
face the TRUTH, stand up and say
"im GUILTY". there's nothing i can do
i've done it now, i did this to you

i wish i could say i'm sorry
but my PRIDE is too much
i can't do it

i wish i could say i'm sorry
but my PRIDE is too much
i can't do it

Finnish English
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
ja taas, tein sen uudestaan And again, I did it again
satutin sua I hurt you
sain sut karkotettuu I made you leave
miksi tää tapahtuu? Why is this happening?

mitä teinkään? What did I do?
kuinka sain sut suuttumaan? How did I anger you?
satutin sua. I hurt you
oon syyllinen. I'm guilty

en voi paeta totuutta kauempaa. I can't run away from the truth any longer
hyväksyn, ja myönnän sen I accept and admit it
"oon syyllinen". en voi muutakaan "I'm guilty", there's nothing else I can do
tän sain aikaan, harmii vain aiheutan I made this happen, I only cause harm

anna anteeks Please forgive me

voisinpa pyytää anteeks I wish I could say I'm sorry
mut mun ylpeyteni... But my pride...
ei salli sitä Won't let me do it
anna anteeks Please forgive me

English Translation by anon

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