Song title
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Cola (music, lyrics)
Shoukei (video)
heremia (illust)
5,600+ (NN), 1,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


Japanese Romaji English
最初からこうなるって 決まってたの? saisho kara kou naru tte kimatteta no? Was it predetermined that everything would turn out this way?
君を終わらせた僕は 泣いていた kimi o owaraseta boku wa naite ita I brought about your demise myself, yet it’s also me who’s been crying.
代わりになるものなんて もうないよ kawari ni naru mono nante mou nai o There’s no longer anything that can act as a replacement.
この愚か者に罰が kono orokamono ni batsu ga Only punishment is waiting for this fool.
ah・・・もう行かなくちゃ・・・ ah… mou ikanakucha… Ah… It’s time for me to go…

色あせた世界さえ もうないよ iro aseta sekai sae mou nai yo There’s no longer anything, not even a world where all colors have faded.
悲しみの裏側には 君の声 kanashimi no uragawa ni wa kimi no koe On the reverse side of my sorrow, it is your voice that I hear.
始まりがあったなら そういつも hajimari ga atta nara sou itsumo If there was such a thing as a beginning, then indeed, it’s inevitable.
僕が犯した罪を boku ga okashita tsumi o For the sin I’ve committed,
ah・・・許してください・・・ ah… yurushite kudasai… ah… please forgive me…

English Translation by Hazuki no Yume

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