Song title
"Grand Restore"
Original Upload Date
Apr.16.2016 (Bandcamp)
May.7.2016 (SC)
GUMI and Jamie Paige
Jamie Paige and Marcy Nabors (music)
Jess (illustration)
18,000+ (SC)
Bandcamp Broadcast / SoundCloud Broadcast


someday i’ll fall in love
and i’ll be fine once more
even if my time is gone
i’ll hit the grand restore

and i won’t hesitate
to make my dream come true
and i will spread the joy
to them and me and you
and i will figure out
a way to make things fine
this time

someday i can succeed
i’ll drive the tears away
and hate wont take the lead
i’ll change the world today

(she came to me in a dream)

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