Heavy Rain
Song title
"Heavy Rain"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku Append Dark
forute (music)
Furoku (illustration)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)


Japanese Romaji English
降り止まない雨の中で Furi yamanai ame no naka de Here in this rain which shows no signs of stopping
暗い空を眺めていた Kurai sora o nagamete ita I was just looking up at the dark sky above

足取り重いこの街は Ashidori omoi kono machi wa This town where it feels difficult to lift my feet,
気がつけば色を変えていた Ki ga tsukeba iro o kaete ita It changed its colors before I realized it

離れてゆく君に手を伸ばしても Hanarete yuku kimi ni te o nobashite mo Even if I reach out my hand towards you who are drifting away,
雨粒がこの視界を奪う Amatsubu ga kono shikai o ubau The raindrops steal from me those last glimpses of your fading figure

そっと滑り落ちる冷たい雨が Sotto suberi ochiru tsumetai ame ga The cold rain continues to gently trickle down my face,
その温度を奪っていく前に Sono ondo o ubatte iku mae ni but before it completely steals that warmth from me,
君の名前を何度も叫んでも Kimi no namae o nando mo sakende mo I could call out your name countless times more
雨音が掻き消していく Amaoto ga kaki keshite iku only to have it drowned out in the sound of this downpour

君の居ない街は何もかも透明で Kimi no inai machi wa nanimo kamo toumei de This town where you no longer remain seems almost transparent
身体の何処かが欠けてしまった様な Karada no dokoka ga kakete shimatta you na almost as if having lost a part of myself
一緒に過ごしたあの時のカケラ見つけて Issho ni sugoshita ano toki no kakera mitsukete Whenever I stumble upon a piece of that time we spent together
涙が止まらない・・・ Namida ga tomaranai... the tears just don't stop

雨は止んで 澄んだ街並み Ame wa yande sunda machinami Here in these streets where the rain has stopped,
明るんだ空が 君の姿を映す Akarunda sora ga kimi no sugata o utsusu The bright, clear sky seems to reflect an image of you

ずっと側に居た君の存在が Zutto soba ni ita kimi no sonzai ga That presence of yours which was always by my side,
今日は特別温かく感じる Kyou wa tokubetsu atatakaku kanjiru today it feels particularly warm
もう二度とその手を離さないと Mou nidoto sono te o hanasanai to Thinking I never wanted to let go of that hand again
同じ道を歩いた Onaji michi o aruita I walked on the same path...

English Translation by Descent Subs

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