Hope this helps
Song title
"hope this helps"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
temporu (music)
Zero (illustration)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)


Japanese Romaji English
目を開けてよ Me o akete yo Open your eyes.
確かな 意識にふれた Tashika na ishiki ni fureta The definite awareness was felt.
ずっと近くで見守ってくれる Zutto chikaku de mimamotte kureru At all times watching closely over me,
もう いつも矛盾だらけで Mou itsumo mujun darake de Always so full of contradictions.

そんな表情してないでさ Sonna kao shitenaide sa Don't make that face.
もっとほら 目の前で Motto hora me no mae de Look more closely in front of your eyes.

忘れもしない あれ、いつだっけ Wasure mo shinai are, itsu dakke I won't forget. Oh, when was that?
hope this helps,and me... hope this helps,and me... hope this helps,and me...

目を閉じてよ Me o tojite yo Close your eyes.
そこからは何が見える Soko kara wa nani ga mieru From there, what can be seen?
意味を見つけたら 包み込んでいく Imi o mitsuketara tsutsumikonde iku When finding meaning, being engulfed.
そう いつものように How are you doing Sou itsumo no you ni How are you doing Yes, like always, how are you doing?
根拠はいつも後付け Konkyo wa itsumo atotsuke The reasons always come last.
いつも話していた Itsumo hanashite ita There was always talking.

目を開けてよ Me o akete yo Open your eyes.
ここでは景色が見える Koko dewa keshiki ga mieru Here you can see the landscape.
ずっと遠くで憂いてくれた Zutto tooku de ureite kureta Always near and gloomy to me.
もうその瞳に迷いは Mou sono hitomi ni mayoi wa Now the hesitation in those eyes,
あれから進み始めてる Are kara susumi hajimeteru Now the hesitation in those eyes,
流れはかれていた Nagare wa karete ita The flow was drying out.
こみあげてくるんだよ 君の言葉 Komiagete kurun da yo kimi no kotoba Your words are welling up.

忘れもしないよね、いつだって Wasure mo shinai yo ne, itsudatte I won't forget, you know. Never.

English translation by Narumo

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