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Apple-P (Lyrics, Music, Illustration)


Sometimes soon I will have found my way
In this crazy world
I have no meaning today
But surely some tomorrow, then I'll have you all see.
If there's a place for you then there's a place for me.

I know I make mistakes I know I haven't changed.
But it's apart of who I am and though it may seem strange,
If I can learn for my mistakes but still remain the same,
Then I will carry on tomorrow keepin' myself tamed


Growing and learning are patient things,
I am not prepared for what the future may bring.
But I will stand my ground until the battle is won;
Defeated by harsh night, greeted by morning sun.

I know I cry and whine a lot, I'm immature.
But let me tell you something and for that I am quite sure,
With all the I'm surely neither good or bad, I'm just a bit in between.

(Call me human)

Though this may sound just a little bit cliché,
I'll keep singing for my freedom so I live another day.
Call me stupid, call me fake,
There's so much that I can take,
And one day I'll take your words and throw them right back in your face.
Oh you will see the power that's inside of me.
It's a light that shines for no one besides me, myself, and I.
Though I'm sure you can relate, we all sett this world ablaze.
We're all diamonds in the rough living through smoke and haze

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