In the spring
Song title
"in the spring"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Fujita Daiki (music, lyrics)
mrn* (illust)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)


Japanese Romaji English
春と眠る揺れる怠惰 haru to nemuru yureru taida A drifting lethargy, like a spring slumber.
御伽噺 それは?それは? otogibanashi sore wa? sore wa? A fairy tale. What is that? What is that?
乾く喉に空の唾液 kawaku nodo ni sora no daeki Saliva of the sky, for one’s parched throat.
淘汰される 愛は?愛は? touta sareru ai wa? ai wa? What happens? What happens to love when it’s discarded?

群れる嫌悪 騒ぐ灯り mureru ken’o sawagu akari A swarming revulsion, and a clamoring light.
作り話 これは?これは? tsukuribanashi kore wa? kore wa? A made-up story. What is this? What is this?
エンドロール きえた記憶 endo rooru kieta kioku End credits, vanished memories,
沈む影を僕は見ていた shizumu kage o boku wa mite ita and a sinking shadow—these, I’ve been looking at.

息が 息が できないように iki ga iki ga dekinai youni May it be, may it be so that I cannot breathe;
夢を 夢を 見れますように yume o yume o miremasu youni pray let me dream, let me dream that single dream.
深く 深く 滲まぬように fukaku fukaku nijimanu youni Not so deep, not so deep, don’t let it bleed,
きっと きっと 会えますように kitto kitto aemasu youni for I just hope, really hope I can see you again.

ゆがむ夕陽ひずむコード yugamu yuuhi hizumu koodo The crooked setting sun, and a distorted chord.
僕はどこにいるの?いるの? boku wa doko ni iru no? iru no? Where am I? Where exactly am I?
点と点を結ぶために ten to ten o musubu tame ni Just so you could connect all the dots,
夜と共に消えた君は yoru to tomo ni kieta kimi wa you’ve vanished together with the night.

声が 声が 届かぬように koe ga koe ga todokanu youni May it be, may it be so that this voice won’t be heard;
笑みを 笑みを 浮かべるように emi o emi o ukaberu youni for I just hope, really hope there could be a smile on your lips.
指で 指で 描けるように yubi de yubi de egakeru youni If only, if only I could paint it with my own fingers;
いつか いつか 信じれるように itsuka itsuka shinjireru youni and then someday, one day, I hope I can believe

透過された九月の心を touka sareta kugatsu no kokoro o in the permeated heart of September.

君に 君に 会えますように kimi ni kimi ni aemasu youni May it be, may it be so that I can see you again;
僕が 僕で いられるように boku ga boku de irareru youni I just hope, really hope I could continue to be myself.
何も 何も いらないように nanimo nanimo iranai youni Let it be, let it be so that I won’t need anything.
落ちて 落ちて 消えていく ochite ochite kiete iku Thus down and down, I’m going to fall, until I disappear.

愛を 愛を 僕にくれた ai o ai o boku ni kureta Love—love is what you’ve given me;
愛は 愛は もういらない ai wa ai wa mou iranai but love—love is what I no longer need.
いたい いたい いたいよ itai itai itai itai yo It hurts, really hurts, really really hurts.
そして今日も春に溺れる soshite kyou mo haru ni oboreru Just another day where I find myself drowning in spring.

English Translation by Hazuki no Yume

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