Lavendertown Yuki
Song title
"Lavender Town"
Original Upload Date
Kaai Yuki
Shion Town (music)
Gamien11 (lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast


Japanese Romaji English
横 そしさ の 世界 へ Yokoso shisa no sekai e Welcome to the world of the deads
さて 永遠 めむる へ Satte eien nemuru e Now I'll sleep forever
おさなす しないで 下さい Osanasu shinaide kudasai Never wake up, please
私 を ほち しないで Watashi o hochi shinaide Don't leave me here for all eternity

貴方 は 私 に 此処 を な Anata wa watashi ni koko You left me here
腰 ましたい いち Ona koshi mashitai ichi For all eternity
旅 押す るりまわなく Tabi osururi mawanaku Now you're away from me
迄 いる と 永遠 に Made iru to eien ni My shadow will chase you for all eternity

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