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Kagamine Rin
Apple-P (Lyrics, Illustration, Video, Mixing)
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Faint echoes in my mind..
They call to me my name..
..But whose voice could this be..
Just a vast Memory..

Did we make a promise or perhaps was I..
..alone all this time?
Where have you gone to, my love, in this.. so undivine?

There's no more to see..
..Finally free..
..You're not with me..
Whose voice could this be?

..Not the same memory.

It is so unfair..
..We were a pair..
..Hearts light as air..
..But this page has a tear..

..In a chapter so bare.

Petal scattered 'round the room and a candy at its heart.
Could it be from the one who was with me from the very start?
Red, yellow, blue, and black feelings engulf this world as I cry.
Portraits burn of existences screaming their final goodbye.

"This is not how it was supposed to be.."
"wake up!!"
"Don't go.."
La.. (x5)

Will I ever wake..
To a warm place..
In which I'm safe..
And you who forever sleeps, dream eternally for my sake..

Faint echoes in my mind..
They call to me my name.
But whose voice could this be?
Just a vast memory..

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