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Hatsune Miku
Tripshots (music, lyrics, video)
Yusuke (guitar solo)
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Japanese Romaji English
始まりの光 私を包む Hajimari no hikari watashi wo tsutsumu The light of beginning envelops me
11次元に伸びるディメンション Juuichi jigen ni nobiru DIMENSHON The dimension has reached eleventh

私たちの距離は計れない Watashi tachi no kyori wa hakarenai Nobody knows our distance
相対的に広がってあなたにはわからないわ Soutaiteki ni hirogatte anata ni wa wakaranai wa It spreads relatively and... well, You'll never get it

理論なんかどうだっていいの ただ感じるの Riron nanka dou datte ii no tada kanjiru no I really don't care about theories. Just feel something special
ここで起きてる 特別なこと Koko de okiteru tokubetsu na koto that is just about to begin now

理屈なんてどうだっていいの ただ感じてる Rikutsu nante dou datte ii no tada kanjiteru Logics are so trivial. I'm just feeling the twinkling
すべてを包む ネビュラの煌き Subete wo tsutsumu NEBYURA no kirameki of Nebula that covers everyting

膨張に終わりはないの Bouchou ni owari wa nai no There is no end in the expansion
止めようなんて 思わないで Tomeyou nante omowanai de Don't even think that it'll stop

私たちの距離は 計れないけれど Watashi tachi no kyori wa hakarenai keredo I't impossible to know the distance between you and me
美しければ それでいいでしょ? Utsukushi kereba sore de ii desho? What if it's beautiful? Do you mind?

理由なんてどうだっていいの ただ抱きしめて Riyuu nante dou datte ii no tada dakishimete I don't know about the reasons. Just give me a tight hug
ほら伝わるでしょ このエントロピー Hora tsutawaru desho kono ENTOROPII Now you feel the Entropy, don't you?

理想なんてどうだっていいの ただの仮説よ Risou nante dou datte ii no tada no kasetsu yo I don't care for people's ideals or whatsoever, since they are just hypothesises
さあ始まるわ すべての創造 Saa hajimaru wa subete no souzou Okay, it's about time to create the New World

English Translation by Colverfield1023

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