No Voy A Desaparecer
Song title
"No Voy A Desaparecer"
English: I'm Not Gonna Disappear
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Ankari (music, lyrics)
Hikusa (illust)
Nahual (mixing, mastering)
Jose Luis Santander (guitar)
Spanish version: 42,000+
English version: 9,500+
Spanish version: YouTube Broadcast
English version: YouTube Broadcast


Spanish Official English
"Aquí estoy" te la cante tantas veces "I'm here", I sang to you so many times
Que nose porque deje de moverme, yo seguí esperándote hasta el fin that I don't know why I stopped moving in the first place, I kept waiting for you until the end

Lentamente tu volviste a mirarme Little by little you looked this way once again
A pesar de que podías usar me and started thinking of what you could do with me
Y mi corazón, despertó y volvió a latir my heart awoke and regained its beat

Ya fue mucho tiempo de creer que hay algo mas que hacer You've spent too long thinking there's something else you can do
Ahora es el momento, hablar de lo que siento Now's the time to talk about my feelings and sing,
Cantar aunque no sepa por quien Even if I don't know who I'm singing for

Ya vi la forma de, dejar mi huella en el tiempo I've found the way to leave my mark in history
Con tus canciones y mis emociones With your songs and my emotions,
Esas las que me hacen vivir The things that make me feel alive

Y así, tu y yo con nuestras ilusiones al viento And so, you and me, with our illusions dancing on the wind
Escucha me... Listen to me...

No quiero desasparecer I don't want to disappear

Con el paso de los años, mil pertas As years went by, a thousand doors were shut in your face
Se cerraron y otras siguen abiertas But there's still many that remain open
Deja me yo las pateare por tí Leave it to me, I'll kick them down for you!

Y si aquel que estaba dentro la sota If whoever is inside slams it closed once more,
No hagas caso por que siempre habrá otra Pay no mind, because there will always be other doors,
Mientras tu busques solo ser feliz As long as you're only searching for your happiness

Ya fue mucho de pensar en lo que estaba mal You've spent too long dwelling on the things that were wrong
Ahora es el momento de errar con sentimiento Now's the time to mess up with feeling,
A eso se le llama crear That's what creating is all about

Ya vi la forma de romper las rejas del tiempo I've found the way to break free from the prison of insecurity
Con tus cuentos, y tu acompañamiento With your stories, your accompaniment,
Y lo que yo pude crecer And with how much I've grown up

Podrias unir los lazos entre edades gustos y empeños You could close the gaps across different ages, tastes and effort
Se escucha bien It has a nice ring to it,

No puedo desaparecer I can't disappear

Ya fue mucho tiempo de esperar lo que no va a pasar You've spent too long waiting for things that won't come
No hay nada mas perfecto There's nothing more perfect than giving your all,
Que tu mejor esfuerzo Gathering your courage
Armarte de valor y saltar And taking that leap

Ya vi la forma de volar con pies en el suelo I've found the way to fly with my feet on the ground
Con esperanza y con la confianza With hope and with the confidence
Es que no estas mal o estas bien That you aren't right nor wrong

Por ti y todo quien escuche mis pensamientos For you and for everyone who listens to my feelings

Aquí estaré I will be here
Si aun hay fé As long as there's faith,

No voy a desaparecer I'm not going to disappear

“I am here” I sang it over and over
So much I forgot why you became colder
I had hope one day you’d come back to me

Bit by bit you looked this way once again and
Started coming up with all these ideas
My heart skipped since you gave it back its beat

You’ve spent far too long just thinking
There’s more things that you could be
But hey, it’s here and now
That I’ll open up my heart
And I’ll sing for anyone who might hear

Watch me
I’ve found the secret to make history happen
With all your lyrics
And with all my feelings
Everything that gives life to me
We’ll dream
Together, sharing rhythm, colors, and passion
Listen to this
‘cause I don’t wanna disappear

Many doors were closed as time kept on ticking
But for you I’ll kick them down without thinking
Ready, set, through that door we’re coming in!

If someone inside dares slam it in your face
Pay no mind ‘cause there will always be others
As long as happiness is all you seek

You’ve spent far too long just thinking
Of the things that you could fix
It’s time to start believing
That you can mess up freely
Creating is to play it by ear

Break free
Together we can fight your fears in a new way
With motivation, and your inspiration
And the progress that I have made
So you could bring
Together different ages, hobbies and effort
The road is clear
So please don’t let me disappear

You’ve spent far too long expecting
Things that were not meant to be
The perfect course of action
Involves hard work, not caution
Have courage because you will succeed

To dream and keep your feet
Still grounded can be accomplished
Just keep believing
And trust all your instincts
Be yourself cause that’s all you need

I will
Do this for you and for everyone my song reaches
So count on me
And you will see
That I’m not gonna disappear

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