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No You, No Me
Song title
"No You, No Me"
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint)


Japanese Romaji English
会いたいのに 揺れる指先は Aitai no ni yureru yubisaki wa I want to see you and yet, my shaking fingertips
そう、夢なぞって Sou, yume nazotte Keep tracing my dreams
「またね。」君が言う度に "Mata ne." Kimi ga iu tabi ni Whenever you say "See you later."
「No。やだ。」紡いでた "No. Yada." Tsumuideta I'd continue with "No. I don't want that."

「会いたい。」 "Aitai." "I want to see you."

会いたいけど 震えるこの手は Aitai kedo furueru kono te wa I want to see you but my trembling hands
もう君に触れられない Mou kimi ni furerarenai Can no longer touch you
例えばあの星には届いたとしても Tatoeba ano hoshi ni wa todoita to shite mo Even if I could reach that star

応答「君のいない空へ」 Outou "Kimi no inai sora he" Response "To the sky without you"

ねえ届きそうになるんだ Nee todokisou ni narunda You know, I'm about to reach it
僕と君分かつ赤なぞって Boku to kimi wakatsu aka nazotte Tracing the red color separating the two of us
君がいたから僕は僕で Kimi ga ita kara boku wa boku de It's only because you were here that I could be myself
じゃあ今の僕は何になれる? Jaa ima no boku wa nani ni nareru? Then what can I become now?

泣きたいのに 笑顔のマスクは Nakitai no ni egao no MASUKU wa I want to cry yet I can't take off my smiling mask
まだ拒絶する "愛とかいう感染症" Mada kyozetsu suru "Ai toka iu kansenshou" I'm still rejecting "the infection called love"
君以外からは 毛頭もらう気はないんだよ? Kimi igai kara wa moutou morau ki wa nainda yo? Because I don't want to contract it from anyone other than you, you know?
だから目を覚まして Dakara me wo samashite So just open your eyes

「応答。」意気地なしなキミへ "Outou." Ikujinashi na KIMI he "Response." To you, a coward

「届いた。」って言うんだ "Todoita." tte iunda I'm going to say "I've received it."
「一つ残らず会いに来た」って "Hitotsu nokorazu ai ni kita" tte "I've come to see you, leaving nothing behind"
「キミの歌でしょ?胸を張ってよ?」 "KIMI no uta desho? Mune wo hatte yo?" "This is your song, isn't it? Be proud of it, won't you?"
じゃあ今の僕は 君の僕は… Jaa ima no boku wa kimi no boku wa... Then my current self myself who belongs to you...

ああ、届いたっていいんだ 全部君に向けた歌(だった) Aa, todoita tte iinda zenbu kimi ni muketa uta (datta) Ahh, I'm no longer afraid that you may hear it since it -was- a song meant to tell you everything about me
いや、歌(だよ)と照れる僕を 君は今 僕の中で見てる Iya, uta (dayo) to tereru boku wo kimi wa ima boku no naka de miteru Right now, from inside me you are looking at me as I shyly correct myself: it -is- a song for you

English Translation by Hinamawari

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