Queens Town
Song title
"Queens Town"
Original Upload Date
Reo Yakumo (music, lyrics)
2,400+ (NN), 290+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


Have you ever heard of a mystic lake town?
People call there Queens Town.
Beautiful queen rules and veiled in mist
And funny days.

“Cut his head off!!”
Hear favorite phrase
“I have no more!
You Majesty!”

Merrily sounds from the cathedral church
Wedding bell of “Queentuplets.”
Dancing brides are 4 months pregnant
They are so happy.

Having a ball
Shagging around
When cock a doodle doo
They sleep on the ground

Have you ever heard of this mystic lake town?
People knows there as Queens Town
A prophet
Is waiting Spring has come.
We know his name.

Blooming stars.
He sings like this.
Maybe this Queens Town
Is all in your dreams…

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