Song title
Original Upload Date
Kagamine Rin V4X English
Fractured Planes:
Kuben (music, lyrics, art)
Velvet (mix, mastering)
JVウタウ (PV)
1,000+ (YT), 100+ (SC)
YouTube Broadcast / SoundCloud Broadcast(deleted)

Lyrics Edit

do we go
from here

I swear
the sky
will alight
and we'll
be free

I want to move forward
but in between these words
I'm looking for answers
of what's coming after

I want
to know
the truth

ah, wouldn't it be so nice
to get scattered across
billions of dancing lights

I want to get better, please
oh please,
just don't let me fall down again

refract me 'cross the stars
and it will change forever

I don't know if I can
keep going anymore

teach me how to feel
when I'm alone

change my mind
let it fall
teach me how
to move on

i'm just one
human being

some day I'll
move along

oh I
want to change

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