Song title
Original Upload Date
May 14, 2016
Megurine Luka
Solbasa (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast

Lyrics Edit

As you lay there, waiting for the night
I’m so far away, locked within the endless dream
What is it that you wanted me to see?
To get stronger now, that’s all there is for me

I reach my hand out to take ahold of yours
Just like you did for me, so long ago
I did everything that you did, our fearless leader
So come with me, I’ll show you how far we’ve come

I’ve gone so far to help this family you built
Even if I don’t remember it, I know you saw it
There’s so much I’ll do
To have you back with me

I know you’re doing this for us
We once were weak, but you built us up
What happened to you? Some tragedy?
That left you so dead and hopeless

I can't bear to see you this way
Lift your head up and follow me

I know we’ll have to leave this sheltered world behind
But I know that we will find our way

We'll finally go out into the world
To show that we can make it on our own
But to leave you behind,
It doesn’t feel right

I'll go back into my past
I’ll fix myself so I can save you all
So one day, maybe
We’ll all be together again

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