Song title
"Riley and Meifeng"
Original Upload Date
Jesse Norton
100+ (YT), 100+ (NN), 60+ (SC)
YouTube Broadcast / Niconico Broadcast / SoundCloud Broadcast


If only I have choices, I make it blue
If you say I recall his name to stay in Poole
These are not my athletic shoes
Take a rest you don't have to say it
Never lay it on this flat sour
You make it through

On and on, turning over the pages of textbook of history
while sweeping the floor
rubber sole, I do the dishes flying from all quarters
Hope everything goes well with your throne

Slow down, keep it in mind
At heart you hear me
Did you know that she was far away?

Hold, you slip away from nasty issues quickly
you exquisite
How do you deceive me? Trying to call later
I don't know where you come and go at all

Slow down, keep it in mind
I have slight fever
Give it up and climb a wall yesterday

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