The Child of the Garden
Song title
"The Child of the Garden"
Original Upload Date
SoundCloud Broadcast (deleted)


maybe this reflection isn't the truth
we all have been tricked by the weakest of dreams
for now we're searching the real shape
of our hope that we have threw away
grow grow
colorful pansy
no no
I don't care
let's play
the game of frauds
the game of lost future
even my cries can not reach the skies
just do your best and wait for your time to die
childhood is lost for us who sacrificed
flowers of our souls for someone who we loved
did I
agree for sorrow?
that's right
help won't come
let's catch
last of those moments
oh we are still alive
oh Father, why?
you left us and let die
Father tell me
what my life suppose to be?
oh Father, why?
you left us and let die
Father tell me
can I change the story?

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