The Flame of the Night
Song title
"The Flame of the Night"
Original Upload Date
BlueBassMelodies (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast


A man’s punishment for his crime
Was to walk in the desert dunes
Until he dies of the scorching sun
Or he sleeps in the frost of the moon

The man lit the last of his oil lamp
And shivered in the desert black
On his last night alive, he wished for retribution

The chains of his past clung to him
Weighing down his soul and breaking his will
One after one, his legs press on
Searching for retribution in the flame

The sun’s blaze brightens a new dawn
God gives the man another night
No water left and only his fate reaches to the horizon

His footprints become history
The midnight eats the sunset.
In the cold of the sand, he cried for retribution

The hopes of the future lead him
Fueling his will; burning bright in his heart
One after one, his legs press on
Searching for retribution in the past

The man trudges through the night
His flame burning on
His retribution finally found
The stairway to heaven appears

The righteous are followed by him
Guiding his light and searing the darkness
One after one, his legs press on
Atoned by the endless flame of the night

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