Song title
"The Uncowed"
Original Upload Date
NeutrinoP (music)
JWard-L (lyrics)
◇白雪(о´∀`о) (illust)
SoundCloud Broadcast


They brought grenades and guns
And sneaked into our town;
They blew some of us up,
And shot some others down.

They said they came in faith,
But we knew they had none:
Their only ‘faith’ was hate;
Their only love the gun.

Our grief and rage are endless, we should hate in return;
But we are better than they are – and from us they might learn.
So we don’t hate more than their acts and attitudes, no more!
They have been misled from the start: they must change at their core.

So we stand steadfast through the pain, we will not hate them back!
It isn’t easy, but we know we’re on the proper track.
We have to show them that our spirit never can be quenched;
That we who are mature can always rise above death’s stench!

We bring our love and tears,
And give them to your town.
We stand with you as always:
We’ll never let you down.

While others hate and hurt and harm
The world brings you its best.
Our spirits will remain with you
As long as you’re distressed.

Our faith and love are endless; what we bring does have worth.
We show that we are better, we’re real humans from our birth.
The terrorists are hundreds-strong, but we are millions more.
They might have triumphed for a night, but we shall always score!

So we stand steadfast with the French, and other victims too
Our strength will always win the day – we’re many, they are few.
We’ll always show our way is best: we have no need to harm;
And if they wish to join us now, we’ll offer open arms!

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