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The stroboscopic lights, are glowing in my mind.
Oh the kaleidoscope, the drugs makes me smile.
Phosphorescent sticks, are telling to make sins.

Oh the adrenalina, is pumping in my veins.
Ultraviolet lights, are shining in my teeth!
Light made of Mercury, will burn your memories.
Ultraviolent acts, this make us human beings!

The marks will stay! I am a runaway.
Chemical pollution, in your mind in your brain.

Fluorescent dreams, sparkle in the black leech.
Oh my thermoscope, my body is so cold.

Oh the heroine, are clogging up my arteries.
Drink the medicine, dying with cannabis!
They broke my crucifix, they will feel the heat!
Ultraviolent acts, this make us assassins!

The sirens will come, and you have to run.
Chemical reaction, in your liver, in your lungs.

This is not a party, This is not a party!
I can hear, your melody!
This is not a party, This is not a party!
I can see, your criminal sin...

I will burn your dreams like a weed.
I will runaway with the testimony!
I am a whistleblower!
I'm guilty, but i thought and now you are!

You are, you are are are are are
You are, you are
You are are are are are...

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