Song title
"Valkyrja - The Prelude of Sigurðarkviðu -"
Original Upload Date
IA and Megurine Luka
Hydra (music, lyrics)
D (illust)
SoundCloud Broadcast


Wrong victroy was given to the King Agnar
The Lord of
Óðinn condemned her to leave

The Valkyrie status was stripped
She then Became mortal woman
Closed eyes and waited for the
finally judgement of <Óðinn> passesed

Slept in the ←→ defened by
surrounded by and <þrumuveður>
Waiting for the

Her name is

I heard about the tale
"there is a Beauty sleeping in
a castle where fire, thunder and dragon defended"

when i heard the tale of sleeping beauty
i felt it's destiny
no matter how difficult it is i will still rescue my

【The Forest of <þrumuveður>】→【The Sea of 】

→ Fianlly he met 【The Shadow 】

Embarked on a narrow spiral staircase
Fire surrounded was withered and faded
The icy armor and silent calming eyes
Princess was awoken by

When my eyes opened i found my Fate
Nestling immersed in innocent love
Lover vowed for the everlasting love
Innocence of their destiny


"I used to think that we were forever ever,
but then i know, no matter how blessed we are,
Happily Never After."

"Grimhild produces the Potions that can eliminate memories,
and he drinks it."

【All the vows → Oblivion】
【All memories← Distortion】
Relentless time tells Happily Never After

Endless Staircase ←→ Reincarnation
Severance is tease of our fate
New revenge play starts
Her name is

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