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The Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki is a collaborative website for the purpose of presenting VOCALOID original songs. If you want to create an article, please see the Song Article Guideline for further guidance. If you want to upload an image, please read the Image Guideline first. Also note that not all fan translations are accepted to be featured in this wiki; they must meet certain conditions as explained in the Policy page.

Recently there has been a large increase in counterproductive edits where users remove lyrics from pages without stating why. This is vandalism, and it needs to stop. Users would normally get a warning before they were blocked, but we have noticed that this has not stopped the behaviour. Therefore, if a user decides to vandalise a page in the manner shown above, they will immediately be blocked.

The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create the site. There are 24,851 articles and growing.

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1liner idoyklik ft Luka


idoyklik ft. Megurine Luka


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Asian text

This Wiki uses Japanese Kanji and Kana on many pages, including other Asian fonts. If you see a bunch of question marks, symbols or squares, then you do not have Asian language enabled. Consult your operating system help guide for more instructions or check out Using Japanese language on your computer | More details in Wikipedia | Multilingual support.

This wiki often links directly to Nico Nico Douga. This is because the wikia prefers to link directly to the original source rather then a youtube reprint, so the Producers can get proper credit and support. Unless you have a Nico Nico Douga account, you may not be able to view all of the videos the wikia links to.

Attention VOCALOID fandom

The work of others

It is a very bad idea to take the work of another producer and redistribute it without permission or even claiming that the files belong to you. This applies to videos, MP3s, MMD models, VSQs, USTs, VSQxs and so on. Doing this can cause serious problems and will probably upset the producer. So, before uploading anything that does not belong to you, it is wise to ask for permission to upload the work. If you already have uploaded work from another producer without permission, it would be appreciative to take down the video or download link.

The low-down on illegal Vocaloid software

This wikia cannot and will not support illegal version of the VOCALOID software. If you cannot afford a VOCALOID, it is advised to use UTAU or CEVIO, which are both free software.

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